Philadelphia Physical Therapy - Why You Need it.

Everyone has their own story. You were working a physical labor job and tore an ACL.

Chronic back and neck pain lead you to spinal fusion. Age took its toll and now your hip or knee needs to be replaced.

Long story short, you need surgery.

Nobody wants it but everybody needs it at one point or another. Now you have to make

your plan, and costs are piling up. You consider physical therapy, but is it worth the additional cost? Remember, that insurance plan?

The truth is that to successfully recover from a surgery, you need to follow all the steps.

Pre and post operative physical therapy is imperative for a healthy recovery. While the body heals itself in miraculous ways, it needs help during times of physical trauma. During the mostly sedentary time directly after surgery, muscles atrophy, leaving you feeling weak. Pre operative physical therapy:

• Improves muscular control of the injured area

• Reduces pain and inflammation

• Restores range of motion

• Normalizes movement patterns before surgery

• Improves well-being and increases fitness level

Not only does Pre-Op PT leave you feeling more healthy physically and mentally going

into surgery, but it saves money in aftercare. According to a 2014 study by the American

Physical Therapy Association, “A new study has found that as few as 1 to 2 sessions

of preoperative physical therapy can reduce postoperative care use by 29% for patients

undergoing total hip or knee replacement, adding up to health care cost savings of more than $1,000 per individual.” So while the whole process of surgery can be costly, the cost cutting corners on PT, both physically and monetarily, is far steeper.

Now you have undergone your surgery and it is time to start the healing process. While

recovery time hugely varies from person to person, post operative PT is long proven to shorten that time and improve functionality of the relevant areas. To regain mobility in the area that has been operated on, you must exercise it in specific ways, so as not to re-injure the very sensitive muscles.

Along with decreasing likelihood of re-injury, post-op PT:

• Restores normal movement to the joint

• Builds up strength in the joint and surrounding muscles

• Eases pain and swelling

• Guides you back to normal activities

• Helps with circulation, particularly right after surgery, so you don’t have problems with

blood clots

While surgery can be stressful and expensive, pre and post op PT is an important step

towards a healthy recovery, leaving you moving normally and without pain. It is also a huge factor in reducing chances of re-injury. If you or a loved one has surgery in the future, call Phoenix Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center at 215-991-9911 to schedule an appointment.

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