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Functional Capacity Evaluation  (FCE)

Physical Therapists at PHOENIX Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, LLC are trained to perform functional capacity evaluations (FCE's) to assist an employer, physician, or an insurance company in determining the level of work activity an injured or diseased worker can achieve. These tests consist of a detailed physical exam which includes strength, range of motion, and sensory-motor testing, review of pertinent medical history, physical capabilities testing (phys-caps) with evaluation of material and non-material handling job tasks, evaluation of endurance to specific work tasks, body mechanics analysis, and evaluation for any non-organic signs and symptoms that may be complicating patient recovery.

The results are communicated to the physician and employer for consideration of the employee's work responsibilities and to determine the best prognosis with recommendations of additional service if needed.  In addition to the employer, physician, and/or insurance company, the FCE can also benefit attorneys, case managers and vocation consultants by offering information for adjudication of claims in short/long term disability, provide return-to-work capabilities and determine ability levels for liability cases using appropriate medical standards.

Medigraph Testing

The MediGraph FCE is an objective, peer reviewed, published procedure that determines individual work capacity. Utilizing objective standards that were established in the journals, Spine and The Clinical Journal of Pain, eliminates uncertainty and liability concerns. The MediGraph FCE delivers strong predictive validity.

The MediGraph FCE Advantages

  • Easy to perform
  • Objective, published standards eliminate guessing and estimates
  • Proactively prevent legal challenges
  • Sincerity of effort and quantatative capable
  • Peer-Reviewed for both validity and reliability
  • Self-contained reports are computer scored and generated