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Patient Forms

New Patient Forms

Thank you for choosing PHOENIX Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center, LLC We appreciate the trust and confidence you and your physician have in us.

Click the appropriate link to down load your forms and bring them with you to your fist appointment along with your insurance cards and photo ID. 

New Patient Form

Phoenix HIPPA Form

Cancellation Policy

Successful rehabilitation depends on your commitment, attendance and diligent efforts. Failure to attend scheduled appointments creates the risk of not fulfilling your rehabilitation goals. The Physical Therapy staff is committed to accommodating your scheduling needs. In return, we expect 24 hours notice prior to canceling or rescheduling an appointment. This allows us time to accommodate a patient who may be waiting to be seen and keep a proper patient flow that works for our patients as well as our clinic.

It is recognized by management that on occasion, patients may need to cancel, but it is hoped that this will be a rare event and not a repeated one.

Thank you for understanding our desire to have all of our patients scheduled at the times they require and for expecting our patients who have a conflict to provide sufficient notice.